What’s your “4-minute mile”?

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Every game in life is actually played on a 6-inch ground –
the space between your two ears.
We don’t live in bungalows, duplexes or flats. We live in our mind which is an unlimited area.
Life is great when things are sorted and uncluttered there. Keeping the mind messy ruins this real home. The key factor to performing well in life and in every arena, is the ability to control the quality and quantity of your “internal dialogue”.

Our mind and body are basically lazy. They always want to rest and hence they keep on passing signals to each other to slow down, to rest, to take it easy.
You will have to override those signals and the internal interference to achieve what you have set out for.
Son, “performance is potential minus internal interference”.

Years ago, it was believed that no human being could ever break the 4-minute mile barrier. But after Roger Bannister broke it, many more replicated his feat within weeks.
Because he showed people what was possible and then
armed with that belief, people did the impossible.

What’s your “4-minute mile”? A belief that you have told
yourself, a task you can’t achieve?
What excuse are you giving yourself?
Let it go, follow your dream and stay blessed forever.

#dearson21 – From the chapter: Follow your dream, pursue your passion.