“What is your Imaginary Fibreglass?”

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24th May 2024

A marine biologist decided to experiment with a shark and some fish.

He placed a large shark in a big tank and, after a while, added some fish. The shark quickly devoured its tasty meal.

In the second phase of the experiment, the biologist introduced a twist.

He inserted a sturdy fibreglass partition to separate the fish from the shark.

The shark, with a gleam in its eye, eagerly anticipated another delicious feast. However, it couldn’t break through the fibreglass.

It tried again with double the force but to no avail.

The shark continued its attempts until it was exhausted.

Finally, it realized that the fibreglass barrier was unbreakable.

From that day on, the shark was so convinced by the presence of the fiberglass that it stopped trying altogether.

In the third phase of the experiment, when the marine biologist removed the fibreglass, the shark still believed the barrier was there and ceased its efforts to catch the fish entirely.

Are you living a life limited by an invisible fibreglass like that shark?

Break the mental barriers, don’t stop trying & stay blessed forever.