We have all been talking about 2020 as a life changing year

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We have all been talking about 2020 as a life changing year, an year which changed the way we think, work and live. It brought in a new ‘Normal’ something which is likely to continue despite the expected  victory over Covid in 2021.

Here are the 20 most valuable lessons 2020 has taught me :

1.         The world can change in a week.

2.         We are stronger than we know.

3.         Heroes don’t need big offices and lofty positions.

4.         Deep change can yield profound growth if we seek the wonder within the mess.

5.         Forgiveness is a productivity accelerator.

6.         In emergency, we get to see the finer humanity. True leaders thrive on adversity.

7.         A far quieter life is a far more creative one.

8.         Good music is so important to good moods.

9.         Critics and naysayers are louder when you do better work.

10.       A splendid routine has an outsized effect on the quality of your days

11.       Spend as much time as possible with elderly parents. You both need and enjoy it.

12.       Immense possibility exists in intense difficulty. The doing of hard things is how we grow braver as producers and people.

13.       One can be immensely productive in a pandemic.

14.       Faith and Prayer are a powerful strength-builder.

15.       Gratitude is the antidote to insecurity.

16.       Resting is not a waste of time but an essential part of your peak performance.

17.       Tough times always give way to better days. Patience is a beautiful virtue.

18.       Someone’s opinion is just someone’s opinion.

19.       Concentrate on things you can control, don’t be bothered by things you can’t control.

20.       Things always work out in the end. If they don’t, it’s not the end.

This too shall pass,

I hope these 20 lessons serve you well and set you up for some great planning around 2021 being the greatest year of your life yet.

Stay Blessed Forever.