‘Wasting time’

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11TH June, 2023

The world and it’s ways are designed to make us feel guilty if we reduce our working hours, or take some time off or go on a holiday.

Everywhere you look, books and publications are full of productivity hacks—ways to improve productivity, get more done and—very important—stop “wasting time.”

Remember, you are not a machine—and besides, even machines have to be reset and recalibrated occasionally.

“Wasting time” is your brain and body’s way of recalibrating and resetting.

Ask yourself:

Do you feel guilty when you take time to care for your physical health during the day? Why?

How much time do you spend on tasks unrelated to work each day? Is it enough?

What are some productive time wasters you enjoy, exercise, reading, playing, binge watching, not doing anything?

Is there anything new you’d like to try?

Historically, many writers, scientists, artists and other successful people have split up their days into two or three small chunks of time where they can devote intense focus to work, using the remainder of their days for personal pursuits, long walks, family time or other passion projects.

How often have you been focused on a problem to no avail, then come up with a solution days later while doing something unrelated, taking a shower, jogging, driving, talking to a friend, etc?

That’s because even when we put away a problem, our brains still work on it in the background, like a program running behind the scenes on your computer.

Taking breaks for something unrelated to work may help you solve vexing problems.

Innovation often happens when people are playing. Google’s famous “20% Policy” speaks to this idea. The policy asked employees to spend 20% of their time exploring or working on projects that had no promise of immediate pay-off. Innovations such as Google News, AdSense and Gmail came from this policy.

The next time you are stuck, exhausted or stressed at your desk, set a timer for 30 minutes and waste a little time away from work.

Or if you are feeling completely burnt out, take some days off from work and go for a holiday.

Chances are good you’ll return to your tasks with renewed energy, focus & full of ideas.

Waste sometime this Sunday & stay blessed forever.