‘Visualize The Life You Want’

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22nd February, 2023

The dream will manifest.

The worry will subside.

The right people will appear.

The results you wanted will happen.

The Universe will bless you and will conspire to make it happen.

You just believe and Visualize the life you want.

No matter what the odds, we can make this lifetime, the best it can be.

Whenever I am feeling low,

I remind myself of the story of Morris Goodman in the film of ‘The Secret’ picturised on the book by the same name by Rhonda Byrne.

Morris lay in the hospital completely paralysed, only able to blink his eyes. But he knew, he could still use his mind to visualize, and against all odds, Morris walked.

Visualize your life as magnificent, visualize yourself in complete joy and hold that vision no matter what.

A research conducted in California by psychotherapists proved that energy flows where attention goes. The law of attraction will match your energy to what you visualize and bring it to reality.

Our thoughts are very powerful because energy is transmitted through thoughts.

Think good thoughts, visualize what you want, positive energy will flow and the universe will deliver it.

Just remember your power and Stay blessed forever.