‘True Strength’

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25th August, 2022

Many years ago, as a young lad, I was trying to move a heavy stone.

After much huffing & puffing and all my best efforts, I couldn’t budge it.

I remember my father, passing by, stopped to watch my effort.

Finally he said to me, “Are you using all your strength for this?”

Yes Iam,I cried exasperated.

“No”, my father said calmly. You are not using all your strength.

Your real strength lies in your family & friends. 

Have you asked them to help you?

And then the wisdom dawned on me.

Real strength is to seek help & give help.

In life and in business, we rely on each other to be responsible for individual tasks that benefit everyone. People sometimes forget how much interdependence there really is in this world and in a successful business.

Learn the art of asking for help to empower and motivate others, and you will have learnt a very powerful management strategy.

Use your real strength, seek help wherever required & Give help to whomever & whenever required & stay blessed forever.