There are two types of generosity; targeted and untargeted.

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There are two types of generosity; targeted and untargeted.

Targeted generosity is when we do something for individuals directly, such as lend money or help an old person.

Untargeted support is when we help a cause of some kind, such as donating to charity.

The benefits of targeted support include feeling happier and it also reduces our fight or flight response. Thus it helps reduce anxiety and stress levels.

Untargeted generosity works on our parental parts of the brain, which activates compassion, love, happiness and nurturing feelings.

Whichever type of generosity you do, there will be benefits for you and the receiver. However, your intentions and how you feel about giving matter.

If you freely give, which is called open handed giving, you will have a significant impact on your feelings.

If you grudgingly  give, which is called one handed giving, you won’t.

Your giving should be giving without expectation of a return – a giving for the sheer joy of it.

It is the Festive season, celebrate by giving.

So what generous act will you do today?

This too shall pass,

Give without reason and stay blessed forever.