‘The Watermelon Method to Happiness’

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16th Dec 2023

“I have seen the richest of rich people, yet their eyes don’t sparkle with joy. Tell me, Master, what is the secret of happiness?”

When Japanese master Tao Su was asked this question by his disciple, his first response was a silent smile, a smile that bespoke the serenity in the unknown.

The disciple, however, failed to read that and scratched his head while waiting for an answer.

“Would you do as I say?” Asked the master while giggling a bit.

The disciple nodded a desperate yes.

“Go to the town and buy the biggest watermelon. Carry it on your head without using the support of your hands, and come back here while balancing it. The condition is to walk back home instead of returning through any vehicle.”

The disciple’s eyes widened in surprise. His mind began weighing the results and trying to connect the dots, but he abided by whatever the master had instructed.

After finding the most enormous watermelon, the disciple followed what the master said and was mocked by many.

Some labelled him mad, considering why he was not using his hands.

Some tried to ask him why he was doing it, but he kept mum.

This landed him as the clown for the town, and many kids mimicked him and laughed their hearts out.

The disciple was initially perplexed and annoyed and even cursed his master for making him undergo such kind of insults.

Later, while walking, he began enjoying the walk and joined the chorus of joy and laughter with others.

When he reached back, the master asked about his experience.

The disciple, in response, laughed and said that initially, he was feeling annoyed but he never knew when it converted to joy.

The master replied, “Our life is like that. You might be carrying that heavy problem on your head and trying to balance in life. Many people will sneer at you in those moments, but if you keep your calm and focus on the process, you will be happy.”

How much attention are you giving to the watermelon on your head?

The secret to happiness is to face life’s challenges with a light heart and a sense of humor.

Enjoy your journey, don’t be bothered by the ‘watermelon on your head’ or the attitude of people around you & stay blessed forever.