‘The Tree of Life’

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20th February, 2023

Some years ago, I went to Bahrain. A Friend took me to see a national landmark there called  “The Tree of Life.”

This tree is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the modern world. It stands on a hill in the Arabian Desert surrounded by miles of sand. There is not another tree as far as the eye can see – there’s actually no life at all in that vast, arid desert. The average temperature in the region is 105 degrees Fahrenheit, often soaring to 120 degrees, and bone-stripping sandstorms are common.

How does the tree survive?

No one is certain. Scientists have speculated that the nearest possible source of water is an underground stream about two miles away and that the tree is somehow drawing water from that stream. Others say the tree has learned to extract moisture from breezes blowing in from the Persian Gulf or squeeze moisture from grains of sand. Others claim that the tree is standing in what was once the Garden of Eden, and so has a more mystical source of water.

Whatever the reason, the Tree of Life has learned to survive in the most adverse conditions, defied all odds, is more than four hundred years old, thirty-two feet high, and abundantly covered in green leaves and thriving in the middle of the desert

As I sat in its shade against its wide trunk, I meditated on how this tree represents our willpower. If we can tap into our willpower, we’ll be inspired to thrive even in apparently impossible situations.

The Tree of Life represents hope – a hope beyond logic. Hope can nourish, sustain, and inspire us to grow even in challenging circumstances.

From a devotional perspective, the Tree of Life represents faith in a power beyond this world – the power of the Supreme Being’s love for us.

The tree of Life stands alone. Somehow, against all odds it finds water in the desert and has been doing so for centuries. And the tree’s growth is not stunted. It reaches in to the heavens and offers its shade to any who sit beneath it.

Be like the Tree Of Life & Stay Blessed forever!