‘The Real Reason for our Blessings’

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14th March, 2023

There is a cafe near my house which is mostly full of customers & we invariably have to wait.

I have noticed many times that a person comes and takes advantage of the crowd & after eating, secretly leaves without paying.

One day while he was eating, I secretly informed the owner that this person would take advantage of the rush and leave without paying the bill.

Listening to me, the cafe owner started smiling and said, “let him go without saying anything to him & that we will talk about it later.”

As usual that person after having a meal, looked around and took advantage of the crowd and quietly slipped away.

After he left, I asked the owner of the place to tell me why he had let the man go without paying, why did he ignore this man’s action ?

The answer given by the owner uplifted, awakened, and changed my entire opinion about humanity and the real meaning of life.

He told me that I am not alone, many people have noticed him and have told him about it.

He said that the man sits in front of the shop and whenever he sees that it is crowded, he would sneak in and eat and leave without paying.

The owner said that he always ignored it and never stopped him, never caught him nor ever tried to disrespect him.

He further added, ‘he thinks that the rush in the cafe is due to the prayer of this person.

He would sit in front of the cafe and keep praying that there is a rush, so that then he could quickly go in, eat & leave.

And surely enough there is always a rush when he comes in.’

The owner said that he doesn’t want to invite his misfortune in the matter of this prayer and acceptance of his prayer between that man and God Almighty.

I was left speechless with this explanation, full of gratitude and it made me realise the power of prayers.

Regardless of the motive of the prayers of that person, it made me think about how we react to situations.

A positive outlook is what we all need, We shouldn’t even try to understand God’s strange way of helping or blessing us.

God knows what/ how/ when/ where to send us his blessings.

I left that place that day and made a promise that I will look at every experience in life, good, bad, sad with a positive attitude.

I will definitely pray for the owner of the cafe as often as possible for teaching me the real meaning of life and for giving me the real reason for our blessings.

When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them, and when you are safe and happy, remember that someone has also prayed for You!

Our blessings are not the fruits of our prayers alone, but those of another praying for us.

Hence when you pray, don’t seek blessings only for yourself, but for all your family and friends & well wishers and stay blessed forever.