‘The Real Luxuries’

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7th April 2024

The cultural hypnosis currently pushes people to seek more and more money and has a lot of invisible thought layers beneath it.

It carries with it beliefs like:

…if you’re not working relentlessly to accumulate plenty, you’re missing out on something special.

…if you don’t have all the bling and things, you’re not important and special and worthy of admiration.

…if you feel you have enough instead of always reaching for more, you’re doing something wrong and are not a leader, impacter and victor.

As you increase the richness and satisfaction of your lifestyle, please don’t get caught up in the pack of people chasing a treasure that might turn out to be fool’s gold.

Those that are obsessed with money generally fail to understand that it’s the magical experiences of a life wonderfully lived from true wealth.

Look, we all need economic resources to exist, to ensure that we have a roof over our heads, food on the family table and enough cash to cover our various obligations.

And I do agree that the quest for more is part of our human design and basic nature. This instinct has caused us to survive and advance and prosper.

Having noted this, I still feel that contentment is arguably the highest prosperity

Emerson said it beautifully, “Without the rich heart wealth is an ugly beggar.”

It’s in sharing and giving, in simple things, in being kind & doing good that brings true happiness and wherein lies true wealth.

Wealth is all about choice, real wealth is having the luxury of choosing the way you want to live your life.

Real wealth is having the feeling of financial security about your future and mind you; I say this because, I have encountered numerous rich people who despite their wealth are still insecure about their money.

Trade the pursuit of money for the far higher aim of being happy & stay blessed forever.