“The Power of Silence”

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2nd June 2024

In our fast-paced and bustling world, silence seems to have become a rare commodity.

The constant chatter and noise surround us, leaving little room for introspection and inner peace.

Yet, in our daily lives, the power of silence should not be underestimated.

Silence holds the key to connecting with our true selves, finding tranquility, and fostering a deeper understanding of our thoughts, actions, and relationships.

It is clear that silence has power. Like any power it can be used to hurt or to heal and perhaps this is why people respond so variably to it.

For some people silence means loneliness, isolation or awkwardness. It can be used to indicate emotional withdrawal, disapproval or even punishment.

The word silence is often used with negative connotations; a conspiracy of silence, being given the silent treatment, lifting the veil of silence. In our busy, noisy world many people seem to fear silence.

Research is fairly clear that too much noise is bad for us. But does that mean that silence is good for us?

Well not necessarily, silence is more than the absence of noise.

Our internal chatter also contributes to the lack of silence in our lives.

The constant pressure of the list of things we “need” to do in our heads, plus our culturally driven self evaluations often make us uncomfortable just sitting and being.

Perhaps it’s no wonder we immediately check our email or social media as a distraction. This can then become a vicious circle as we then have even more things to attend to or compare ourselves with.

However, research is beginning to suggest that silence itself is beneficial both physically and psychologically.

In an experiment, scientists who gave lab mice daily doses of silence found that cells in their brains grew faster, while constant noise “stunted brain growth” and schoolchildren “placed in classrooms by noisy rail tracks had lower reading levels than those who worked on the quieter side of the school.

Spending time in silence has been found to have positive effects on the body in terms of reducing blood pressure, boosting the immune system, reducing blood cortisol, promoting hormone regulation and prevention of arterial plaque formation.

Psychological benefits of silence can include enhanced creativity, focus, self-control, self-awareness, perspective and spirituality.

In 2019, Uber offered a “quiet mode” option for some journeys in select markets, so if passengers were “not in the mood for a chatty driver”, they could “avoid small talk during their ride and Uber found many takers for it.

At Kati Hakomeri’s salon in Helsinki, customers can opt for ‘Silent Service’ and ask to avoid “polite chitchat about the weather, weekend plans and future holiday destinations”, and they “appear to have found a gap in the market because demand for the option in the salon has proved buoyant.”

Use the power of Silence this Sunday & stay blessed forever.