The Power of One

'The Power of One'

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05th May, 2023

The Power of One’ is the theory that one person can change the future, that one person’s actions can actually change the lives of many.

‘The Power of One’ is a 1992 drama film directed and edited by John G. Avildsen, loosely based on Bryce Courtenay’s 1989 novel of the same title.

It features a weak and friendless boy growing up in South Africa during World War II.

P.K. turns to three older men, to show him how to find the courage to dream, to succeed, to triumph over a world when all seems lost, and to inspire him to summon up the most irresistible force of all: the Power of One.

Empowered by these three older men, P.K. grows up to be a bridge between the black tribes and the races in South Africa.

He becomes an activist in the mission to bring literacy to the poor blacks living in the townships.

One person can make a difference, this film shows, especially when fortified in body, mind, and soul by the wisdom of spiritual elders.

A single person with a clarity of conscience and a willingness to speak up can make a difference.

Contributing to the greater good is a deep and fundamental human need. When a leader skillfully brings a voice and a vision, others will follow and surprising things can happen.

Whenever I think of ‘The Power of One,’ I am reminded of a small parable.

“Build a better world” said God !

And I asked how?

“The world is such a vast place and so complicated,

I am small and useless, What can I do?”

God in all His wisdom said, “Just build a better you.”

Just build a better you today, the world will fall in place automatically.

Isn’t ‘The power of One’ an amazing revelation and an important ingredient to help us realise that we can make a difference.

Use the power of one, contribute to the greater good, you too can make a difference &  Stay Blessed forever!