The nightingale sings mellifluously

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The nightingale sings mellifluously and with fervour even though it is unsure of the future, basking only in the happiness of the moment.

Human beings think too much.

 We conjure up all sorts of crazy scenarios in the mind which may never come true but which scare the wits out of us, since we keep dwelling on them continually.

Worry is a brake, said the saint. Birds and animals live for the day, yet they know how to nurture their young and keep their flock together.

Overthinking would do them no good, and it does us no good either!

Walt Whitman said, “Keep your face towards the sunshine, and the shadows will fall behind.”

The choice is actually ours, and not the making of our circumstances.

We make of life what it ultimately becomes.

We can forever focus on the black spots in our lives, or on the bright light that envelopes most of our days.

Even in our worst moments, we can summon the resolve to bounce back, if we exercise our will power to the fullest.

Life is never black or white, after all. And it is not in the calendar but within us that the answers to greater happiness can be found.

Those who can carry on unflinchingly despite the surmounting challenges that life keeps presenting as the years roll by, will win the greatest battle of them all, the battle of the mind.

It is within us that triumph and turmoil coexist. And the choice is ours, whether to focus on the sunshine or the darkness in each situation.

Focus on the sunshine & stay blessed forever.