‘The Lottery Mindset’

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6th July,2023

We all have come across people in our lives who regularly buy lottery tickets, visit casinos hoping to win the jackpot or trade in the markets regularly hoping to strike it big, but they end up losing hope & losing whatever they have.

There are 2 kinds of Mindsets people grow up with.

The first and by far the most common is The Lottery Mindset.

It’s the default way of thinking of people resigned to being average. They believe that the only way to a life they love is to get lucky. To win the lottery. To have fortune fall into their laps one sunny Friday morning.

People just go through life doing the bare minimum to survive, wasting their time watching TV or day-dreaming, and all they’re waiting for is “one thing”.

This “one thing” is perfectly exemplified by the lottery: people really do expect to have a good chance to hit it big in the lottery, win millions, and enjoy living a life of luxury without work for the rest of their lives.

Almost nobody takes the time to think about their chances. That they have a higher chance of being struck by lightning twice, on the same day than it is to win a lottery.

Still, this “lottery hope” is so strong that most people do the very minimum they can and stay stuck at jobs that they basically hate, and don’t try to fix their lives in any way, because they’re waiting.

They’re just waiting to strike it big in some way: lottery winning, inheritance from a remote rich relative, to get help from someone rich and powerful out of the kindness of their hearts, or for people to some day all stop, look at them and say “Oh, we’ve been so wrong! You’re an incredible human being and we all want to worship you and shower you with money and fame! Thank you for existing!”

It doesn’t work that way.

If you want the recognition, respect and wealth you’re capable of, you have to become someone worthy of them.

Someone who adds value and improves the lives of others way beyond what you get.

The second and much more rare mindset is The Mindset of Mastery.

The people who run this mental story get that you don’t get lucky.

You create lucky.

These ultra-performers get that success and prosperity isn’t an act of coincidence, but a clearly constructed result built over time.

We all can achieve amazing things in our lives, But sadly, most of us don’t have the patience and haven’t learned the strategies, tools, daily habits and tactics to rise to the personal greatness that is our truest nature.

We all can achieve awesome things and make our mark on this big, brave and beautiful world we are blessed to find ourselves in.

But far too many among us are caught in The Lottery Mindset giving away our power to luck versus strategy, hoping things will change versus knowing exactly what to do to make it all happen and then starting the process of mastery and success.

Please remember that life’s just too short to play small with your talents, gifts and purest potential.

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once. Life is only traveled once, Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory.

Make today the day you throw off all chains, release all excuses and make a decision that will change the game for you.

Get out of the Lottery Mindset & stay blessed forever.