The Journey Of Happiness Begins

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One of my favorite prayers is that of Saint Francis of Assisi where he says, “That it is in Giving that you Receive.”

Giving is the biggest secret of a happy life full of abundance.

The more you give, the more flows back to you.

I recently met someone who helps and counsels a lot of people undergoing depression, tough times, relationship challenges, and similar situations.

He shared with me,

‘The first homework that I give them is to find someone who they can help, find something that they can improve even if it is as small as, keeping water for the birds.’

He went on to add, ‘Once your focus goes from your own problems to helping and supporting others, the journey of happiness begins.’

He then gives them a Happiness homework which entails:

1. Please call someone who is facing challenges and listen to them.

2. Make a list of people who are undergoing challenges and pray for them.

3. Try & help someone who needs your help, give them your time, care, money, love, companionship, and /or whatever you can.

He finally tells them, ‘Your giving should be giving without expectation of return – A giving for the sheer joy of it’

This Sunday, listen to someone having a tough time, help them if you can, pray for them, Give your maximum and Stay Blessed forever!