The Giving Plate

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09th October, 2022

Someone recently sent me one and shared this wonderful concept of The Giving Plate

No one likes to show up to a social gathering empty handed. After all, the more food the merrier!

The heartwarming tradition of ‘The Giving Plate’ is that you bake a treat and present it to someone on the plate.

The recipient could be a friend, family member,  neighbour, teacher or co-worker.

Once the treat is consumed, it’s time for the gift recipient to pay it forward by passing ‘The Giving Plate’ to someone new.

The Giving Plate makes for an especially touching gift during the holidays & festivals.

‘The Giving Plate,’ I recieved contains this special message that explains the tradition in a beautiful poem.

The Giving Plate

This plate belongs to everyone wherever it may go,

with each new sharing of its gift, the love and blessings grow,

So fill it up and pass it on to family and to friends,

to start the circle one more time,

Love’s journey never ends.

The journey of a giving plate never ends.

It moves from house to house blessing everyone in its path – from friend to neighbour, parent to teacher and so on and so on.

And each simple exchange warms hearts with the expression of genuine kindness, love and gratitude.

Isn’t ‘The Giving Plate’ an amazing concept!

This Sunday for the wonderful Festive Season ahead, Let’s  put a ‘Giving Plate’ in motion – fill it with your favorite goodies and pass it to someone who could use a little encouragement.

Let’s start the circle of giving and stay blessed forever.