‘The FCG Routine’

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06th August, 2022

Several years ago Ben Graham, the famous investor, then almost 80 years old, expressed to a friend the thought that he hoped to do every day,

something foolish, something creative and something generous.

Foolish – The word “foolish” often carries a negative connotation, but the implied meaning here has more to do with humility and a willingness to forgo self-importance than anything else.

 Creativity – the willingness and the ability to get over the narrowness of your mind and perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, to think laterally, to innovate and to generate solutions.

Generosity –  an absolutely open-ended, no-scores-kept generosity of ideas, time and spirit – a spirit of sharing, caring & giving without expectations, for the sheer joy of it.

The daily dose of being foolish, creative, and generous – can provide the right balance and certainly help us lead a wonderful life.

Follow the FCG formulae, Have a great weekend and Stay Blessed Forever.