‘The Day after Diwali…. Celebrate Life’

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25th October, 2022

So, the festival of Diwali has gone as suddenly as it had arrived.

Wasn’t preparing for the festival more exciting than the festival itself ?

The planning for gifts, cleaning the house, anticipation of the card parties, getting new clothes, sharing and giving, buying the Diyas, getting the Puja thali ready, and all the preparation before the actual celebration…

As I sit back this morning sipping my tea and prepare for the ‘back to grind routine’, I recollect myself and my loved ones laughing, but Friends and extended family have now gone, making promises to meet again soon.

My wife is busy getting the kandeels removed and getting the wax cleaned from the parapet. She has just finished instructing how  the sweets, the dry fruit and cakes are to be stored to be served with tea in the coming days.

Later, she is going to get busy packing the clothes and Jewellery that made their grand appearance, for the next big occasion.

The winnings & losses at the annual cards sessions are also to be tabulated never to be tallied.

On my walk this morning, observing the remnants of the burnt firecrackers still to be cleared, and as all the festivities slowly recede into the distance, I was wondering what this festival of lights actually means to me apart from the celebration with family and friends.

What I realised was, tha the auspicious occasion of Diwali, is actually an opportunity to illuminate within ourself – and around us– the lamp of knowledge so that the darkness of ignorance vanishes, ego and arrogance goes away, and one finds the true self in that light of knowledge.

Diwali is also an occasion to find peace amidst the noise all around by lighting our own “inner light” and using it as our guide to light the lamp of gratitude, love, abundance, compassion, empathy and knowledge in our heart, to serve ourself, to serve others, and to dispel any darkness around us.

For me, Diwali was about giving, sharing, being nice and being kind, not only to family and friends but also to strangers, to bringing a smile on someone’s face.

The joy I get in doing this is far more than the effort it takes and it always leads to a win – win situation.

Hence, even though the wonderful festival may have ended, Let’s all take a pledge & make a promise.

That in our heart, we will let the lights remain,

That we will continue to share and care,

That we will continue the pledge of giving,

That the bonhomie, the sharing & caring with the family, friends & even strangers on the street will be everlasting,

That the donations that we made and gifts that we gave will continue to please us till the next big occasion.

That in spirit and being, our celebrations will continue,

That we will attempt to call and meet our loved ones a little more often, and that the laughter that came in abundance the last few days, will make an appearance every day.

That we will ‘Celebrate Life’ and make every day of our life a special occasion and will not wait till the next big occasion to celebrate,

That we will continue on the journey to enlighten ourselves and spread the light of knowledge.

Hence, here’s wishing everyone a happy festive spirit & Lots of love and laughter all the year round and not only on festivals and special occasions like Diwali.

May God bless all of us with celebrations the entire year round.

Let’s Celebrate Life & Stay Blessed forever.