‘The Communal Wine’

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19th July, 2022

There was once a tribal group living deep in jungle with a very wise elder as their leader. He as leader not only led his people well but could often be seen giving meaningful guidance  to the people.

One beautiful day, he gathered all the heads of the families.

They were all given invitation to dine together at the elder’s house.

The elder told each of them to bring a Jug of wine with them. All the wine would then be poured into a big wine jug, which would then be shared together.

The decided day  came, each one of the invitees came representing their own family, bringing with them a jug of wine as instructed.

They could see a big wine jug already prepared there even before they stepped in the elder’s house.

They then one by one pour their wine into the jug before entering the house, then seated themselves and started their dinner together.

When the dining was over, the elder welcomed them to drink the wine taken from the communal wine jug.

One by one they drank the wine, and on each face, an anxious confused face was carved right away.

What happened? The elder asked, “How was the wine? Did it taste fine?”

One of the persons answered right away, “Oh, elder, what I drank just now was not wine at all but more like plain water.

How could it be like that?”

It happened to be that everyone present there thought in their heart, “I’ll just bring with me a glass of plain water, it won’t make difference anyway, since it will then be poured and mixed with all the good wine others brings. Besides, nobody would know that it is plain water I bring. After all, it won’t change so much the taste of the other good wines.”

Similarly In our life, we often think that whatever unpleasant deeds we do, it wouldn’t make so much difference to the whole, but imagine if everyone does it that way.

We are a part of change, we are a part of the whole, the whole is made of each of us, we do make a difference, what we do, what we choose to be, counts!

We can make a difference. We can make the world better & can be part of changing the world.

No one does it alone, but it starts with one person. It starts with one voice.

We have a responsibility to use our skills, our talent, and our dedication to make a difference.

Make a difference & stay blessed forever!