The Blue Moon

The Blue Moon

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“Once in a blue moon” is a common expression that we use which means ‘not very often,’ or ‘very rarely. ‘

It often refers to an extra full moon.

The lunar cycle is of 29.5 days and hence the extra days accumulate,  and every two or three years (seven times in the 19 year Metonic cycle), there is an extra full moon in the year.

The extra full moon necessarily falls in one of the four seasons, giving that season four full moons instead of the usual three, and, hence, a “blue” moon.

Sunday, August 22, 2021, the day of Rakshabandhan happens to have the third of four full Moons this summer season, it has thus technically been termed as a “Blue Moon” by astronomers.

The Blue Moon’s spiritual meaning always brings strong emotions, feels otherworldly, and makes us ponder what’s important to us in life.

Full moons anyway are the energetic high points in the lunar cycle, hence they are a great time to exhale that is no longer serving us and making room for fresh energy in our lives.

During this magical celestial moment, let go of the past,  follow your heart and desires and stay blessed forever.