‘The Art of Saying No’

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16th May, 2022

No, It’s one of the English language’s tiniest words. Many of us, though, believe it has such incredible power that we are frightened to speak it.

We immediately downplay our intentions when we do manage to say no, offering excuses and apologies to the requestor.

Why does such a small word have such weight? Why are we so afraid to say it?

I Read the wonderful book, ‘The Art of Saying No’ by Damon Zahariades, which gives great insights & tips on the subject.

We’ve all been taught that saying no is impolite and egotistical. This conviction becomes ingrained in our value system.

As a result, we spend our childhoods and much of our adult lives attempting to live in a manner that reflects a more noble and respectable image.

What’s the end result? Even as we get increasingly agitated, enraged, and resentful, we find ourselves saying yes to everyone around us.


“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.”

World-class is so much more about what you don’t do, rather than what you actually do.

Amazing producers and world-changers are Masters of The Thoughtful No. And while your To-Do list is important, your Not-To-Do list is essential.

Success doesn’t come from making the right choices,

But success comes by Not making the wrong choices.

Learn the art of saying NO and the first NO you have to say to yourself & remove the unwanted things.

Learn the noble Art of Saying No & stay blessed forever.