The 40% rule

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The 40% rule

First coined by David Goggins, a former Navy Seal, is a term used to explain that when your mind and body are starting to tire and you feel like giving up, you’re only at 40 percent of what you are truly capable of achieving.

The reason why this happens is because your brain instinctively sets up boundaries and barriers to protect you from uncomfortable and harmful situations, whether this is by making you physically exhausted or pushing limiting beliefs to the front of your head, when your mind is telling you that you are done, you’re only forty percent done.

Your mind has a huge advantage over you. It knows your fears, it knows your insecurities and all of your self-doubts that have ability to stop you in your tracks and make you give up.

The only way that you can combat this is to build the mental toughness and fortitude to take back control of your mind and ultimately, your life.

Look at it this way, Most modern cars have a setting on them called a speed limiter, which is what the factories set to stop you from using your car at its highest speed, for your safety and the cars longevity, hence, you never get to experience the true power of your car.

As soon as you turn off this setting, your car might be under a little bit more stress but, you can unleash its full potential and achieve more with it, just like your brain.

This too shall pass,

Overcome your 40% barrier, make a new you, get in charge of your brain, develop discipline, achieve the impossible and Stay Blessed Forever.