‘The 33% People Rule’

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9th June, 2023

It basically states that 33% of your time should be spent with mentors (people that challenge you), 33% with your peers (those on the same level as you), and 33% with people that you can mentor and guide.

The idea was created by Tai Lopez, TED speaker and creator of some famously annoying YouTube videos in which he shows off his incredible wealth.

33% of the people in your life should be people who can learn from you.

This is the category that is a major part of most people’s life. You have skills and experience that other people can learn from. You may have a mothering nature or dependable side to you that people are simply attracted to.
Maybe you built a business and know a friend who needs advice on that. Maybe you just have some friends who really don’t have their life together and need to lean on you for support, and you love being that person — and that’s good!

In order to be happy, it’s very important to give. However, you need to limit it, for your health and sanity!

You only have so much to give. You need to receive as well.

33% of the people in your life should be your “equals”.

So — of course, everyone is of equal value to you, we are all equal, but this is more like — people who are in the same stage in their life as you, people you can just ‘shoot the shit’ with.
People you can simply banter back and forth, rely on, listen to, talk to, and just be you with.
There should be a sense of comfort with these people. They may be your family, your friends, your colleagues or your partner.

These are the easy breezy family like people in your life.
You may create your ‘own family’ with a group of friends, your batchmates or your Golf buddies, essentially a group you wouldn’t trade for anything.

33% of the people in your life should be people who you can learn from.

Learning and growing is required for happiness & fulfillment.
We always feel so much better when we accomplish new things, no matter how small.

My question was always, who the heck will want to teach me these things? You’d be surprised. People love talking about themselves, love being of service and love being appreciated.
Finding professionals in the field that you want is easier than ever — you don’t necessarily even have to be friends with them! Just even surround yourself with information 33% of the time that’s causing you to grow — however, I prefer to do it with people, because then you build relationships and that’s much more valuable. So try in person or calls or zooms or even emails etc — try to connect with real humans you can learn from.

Create a balance in your everyday life, follow the 33% people rule & stay blessed forever