‘Thank you Ma’

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14th May, 2023

In a school bag, the Rough Book will have the worst condition because it bears the load and responsibilities of all other subjects.

Only because of the presence of Rough Book, Fair Books of all subjects are found very neat and tidy, well maintained and decorated.

In our family also,

Because of the presence of one rough book, who bears responsibilities for many subjects, takes all the load, faces all the trials and is used for all the experiments,  all the individual fair books are enjoying their convenience.

Hats Off… to this rough book…

Who is the rough book in your family?

Have you ever acknowledged their presence?

Please do it before the rough book gets over.

There is only one Rough Book in every family – The Mother.

Maa Tujhe Salaam!

Shukriya Maa!

MOTHER – A word that means the world to me.

My mom has Made me laugh, Wiped my tears,

Hugged me tight,

Watch me succeed,

Seen me fall,

Cheered me on,

Kept me going strong & Drove me a little crazy at times,

But mothers are a promise, that you will have a friend forever!

I Have one !

Thank you so much Mom for all that you have done for us and all the sacrifices you made so that we could enjoy a comfortable life.

May your blessings always remain.

Happy Mothers Day!

Celebrate it everyday &

Stay blessed forever.