‘Tend your Garden’

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25th January, 2023

I went to visit a friend recently and he was in his garden.

I went and sat in a chair that he has in his garden and I could however see he was in a fowl mood.

I sat there until he spoke and said “these weeds man, they are a pain, I am out here every week pulling them out and back they come”

I knew what I was going to say, was going to annoy him and knew also that he needed to hear it. “You know, you really should be thanking the weeds,”

He looked angry and said, “OK tell me why?”

I told him, if it was not for the weeds he would not be in the garden, he would not get the exercise that he was getting, he would not tend to his garden, and it may go untended.

It is only because of the weeds, he comes out and makes sure that all the weeds are pulled, and the rest of the garden and his plants are healthy. The exercise and the time in the Sun also does a world of good.

He looked up at me and smiled and said “I have to agree these weeds keep my interest in the garden.”

You see weeds and problems in our lives are the same things, they are there to ensure, we don’t fall into slumber and sleep our life away,

they are there to teach and help us grow.

When we solve a problem in our life, just imagine how many others benefit from our experience and learning.

Just imagine the clarity we get to march forward and teach something new to our children.

So don’t be afraid of your weeds and your problems, learn from them.

Thank your problems for teaching you and making you grow.

If we don’t pull the weeds the plants don’t grow,

if we don’t accept and work on our problems neither do we  grow.

Just as a gardener must tend his garden, keeping out the weeds, we too must tend the garden of our mind, weeding out the thoughts of lack, limitation and negativity and nurture the thoughts of happiness, success, purpose and prosperity and stay blessed forever.