‘Take a break – Live close to nature’

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24th June,2023

Many of our civilization’s top imaginers spent a lot of time in nature.

Long walks in the woods. Extended hours in a cottage by the sea.

Quiet evenings staring up at the stars.

In one documentary I watched on Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis, I learned that after the stylish guests that he would entertain on his yacht would retire to sleep, he would remain on the deck, sipping a cognac and simply staring up at the heavens.

Being near nature is a time-honored way to relax your mind.

“Nature deprivation” is a real thing. This happens when children and even adults are not spending enough time near nature. In turn, we experience several behavioral, physical, mental, and health consequences.

Exercises in natural settings produce an elevated sense of well-being and endorphin release that gym workouts cannot match.

A study conducted in the United States found that walking in nature improves an individual’s mood and memory, as compared to city walking.

Nature contact, in any form, improves spiritual health and gives the mind a deeper understanding of life.

In recent years, nature therapy has been proposed as the solution for stress relief and an avenue for wellness promotion. Nature therapy, or sometimes called Ecotherapy, is defined as an approach based on the idea that people have a strong bond with their surroundings and the earth.

In the same line of thinking, failing to nurture this bond can have a negative effect on your well-being, especially your mental health. Nature can have a huge impact on our mental state. Having something to focus on such as the Sea, trees and greenery helps to divert our mind from negative thinking.

It is also important to take a break from stressful routines to boost your creativity and productivity. Spending time in the great outdoors can help restore your passion and desire to do more.

This weekend, enjoy the verdant colours of nature & stay blessed forever.