Success & Prosperity

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3rd April, 2022

I once asked my mentor,

“What really is the sign of success & prosperity?”

“There are several” he replied – “a smile of a loved one, contentment, freedom, the willingness to share, selfless service, fearlessness and the trust and confidence that you will get what you need in life.

Success is achieving small victories daily & prosperity is celebrating them.”

Most of us miss out life’s big prizes like the Nobel, Oscar, Olympic Gold, Grand slam etc, but we all are eligible for life’s small prizes -a hug from our best friend, pat on the back from mom & dad,

a short nap on a friend’s shoulder,

a glorious sunset,

a chat with your loved ones, holding hands,

a smile on your child’s face, a moonlit night on the terrace,

a sky full of brightly lit stars. a slow walk on an empty road with whom we Love,

This Sunday, don’t worry about missing life’s big prizes, but enjoy the  small “REAL” ones & Stay Blessed forever.