Some time ago

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Some time ago, I asked my office to create a large acrylic board for me to put up on the wall near my desk. I chose a few words of wisdom from leaders I admire and put them on that board. In the center, I stuck a picture of a Lighthouse.
A lot of my colleagues were quite curious about the choice of this particular picture.
I explained to them quite proudly that this board is my lighthouse.
When ships are lost at sea, the lighthouse is a beacon light that guides them to their right course.
In a similar way, when my mind is agitated by the noise and troubles, when I can’t see things clearly, this collection of quotes will guide me back to my path. And over the years, it indeed has.
Some of the most prominent quotes in that pool of wisdom are :
*“It’s never as good or as bad as you think.*
“It’s darkest before dawn. Whenever you feel the problems are overcoming you, the solution is just round the corner.
Good things are coming. A colourful rainbow follows all the storms.”
“Trust that the Universe will give you, exactly what you need, at exactly the right time, and everything will work out perfectly.”
Create your own Lighthouse to take you back on course and Stay Blessed Forever.