‘Small Habits’

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03rd May, 2023

Some studies suggest that big dogs are more well-behaved pets.

They also point out that bigger dogs usually have better behavior than smaller dogs.

But it’s not because they’re inherently better animals; it’s because of humans.

We tend to put less effort into the discipline of little dogs because we assume they can’t do as much damage – so larger dogs typically end up having better training.

We tend to do the same with most of the issues in life too.

We give a lot of importance to large issues because they seem to be the apparent and more critical ones.

But a tiny spoon of curd can turn a large can of milk into curd overnight.

A small leak can sink a big ship.

Similarly there are those small issues, little habits that can be the deciding factors in the turn out of life.

The way we speak, the way we behave, our bad addictions, our inability to control our anger, negative thoughts, our fears and greed may all seem like small issues as compared to the larger goals of life, but it is the small issues that collectively make a big difference in deciding how the bigger picture will turn out.

When presented with a problem that requires behavior change, we pounce on it with big goals — only to find ourselves locked into a self-defeating cycle.

As high achievers, we’re programmed to “go big or go home” and to “set big hairy audacious goals.”

Big goals are more burdensome than they are motivational; they require daunting effort to accomplish and sustain in our busy lives. Falling short of a lofty goal creates a negative spiral of discouragement deterring future action. Instead of striding forward, we slide backward.

It’s great to dream big, but the way to achieve big is to start small — through micro habits.

This holds true for almost every aspect of life, be it improving your health, starting your investment journey, reading, writing etc.

When you want to change behavior, jumping headlong into a major goal with both feet is often a waste of time.

Instead, make tiny, incremental adjustments until they are part of your muscle memory. By starting small, you can attain big results.

Let’s concentrate and improve on the smaller issues and the bigger will be taken care of automatically.

Stay blessed forever.