Separate Facts from Problems

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2nd June,2023

Many negative emotions are triggered by an inappropriate overreaction to an unexpected setback or difficulty.

It is vital that you carefully analyze a problem when it occurs to ensure that you thoroughly understand it and what you can do to deal with it or resolve it.

Make the distinction between a fact and a problem. The difference is simple. A fact is something that is unchangeable

Your age is a fact. The weather is a fact. Certain things just are, They cannot be altered. They are facts.

One of the keys to happiness is to resolve to never become upset or angry about a fact. Just as you do not become angry at physical things, like a piece

of furniture because you bumped into it, you do not become angry or upset about facts. You simply accept them and adjust your life and activities around


What, then, is a problem?

A problem is something you can do something about.

A goal unachieved is a problem unsolved.

An obstacle in your path is a problem unsolved.

You can focus your intelligence and ability on solving problems and achieving goals.

Problems are simply challenges that you deal

with as you go through life.

There are two time periods in your life: the past and the future.

The present is a single moment passing between the two. Into what category of time do we put facts, and into what category do we put problems?

The truth is that most facts that make you unhappy exist in the past.

Something that happened in the past is a fact. It is unchangeable. This is important to understand because many people are miserable and unhappy in

the present because of something that did not work out the way they expected it to sometime in the past.

But because it happened, or didn’t happen, in the past, it is now an unchangeable fact. It does no good to be upset about a fact.

A problem exists in the future. A problem is an issue that you can do something about. This is an area where you can focus your intelligence and ability into achieving a different result.

A problem, the future, is under your control, and its outcome is determined by what you do in the present

Separate Facts from Problems & stay blessed forever.