Raise The Vibration Of Your Words

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17th Dec, 2021

One of my favorite movies is Darkest Hour, a film about Winston

Churchill’s ascent into becoming a legendary wartime leader. In the final

scene, he delivers a spirited speech that enchants those on both sides of the

political aisle of Parliament.

Lord Halifax, Churchill’s nemesis, was stunned by the delivery of

Churchill’s vocal magic and asked the colleague sitting next to him, “What

just happened?” The reply? “He mobilized the English language. And sent

it into battle.”

Yes, the words you use are seeds for the harvest you reap. Words are


They have been used to inspire and free entire nations, but when spoken with evil motives, they have influenced masses of humans to become soldiers of hate.

Most of us are habituated to using negative and low-energy words in our daily conversations. Every word carries a particular energy and vibration. It is what we radiate into the universe.

Have you experienced that certain words can instantly make you feel happy, sad or angry?

There is more to words than conveying our views. Every word we think, speak or write vibrates at a certain frequency.

Using negative words about ourselves, other people, places, things or the world itself will bring down our and their vibrations.

Let us refine our vocabulary to use only pure, positive, empowering words. Use only high vibration words. We attract more positivity.

Our words create our world.

Always choose only pure, powerful, positive words in your daily communication & stay blessed forever.