“Practice Being in the “Eye of the Storm”

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01st March, 2023

Storms are a natural part of life.

They come in the form of the death of a loved one, disease, job loss, separations, financial collapse, and numerous other trials and tribulations.

We can wish and pray that a storm will never find its way to our door, but they always do.

You could run screaming, crying over the inevitable pain that the storm will bring, but that would only serve to weaken you.

Instead, try and run into the storm and be like the ‘Eye of the storm.’ Embrace the winds and let them carry you.

The ‘Eye of the storm’ is that one specific spot in the center of a twister, hurricane, or tornado that is calm, almost isolated from the frenzy of activity.

Everything around the center is violent and turbulent, but the center remains peaceful.

How nice it would be if we too could be calm and serene in the midst of chaos – in the ‘Eye of the storm.’

Surprisingly enough, it’s much easier that you might imagine to be in the eye of a “human storm.”

What it takes is intention and practice.

Suppose, for example, that you are going to a family gathering that is going to be chaotic.

You can tell yourself that you are going to use the experience as an opportunity to remain calm. You can commit to being the one person in the room who is going to be an example of peace.

You can practice breathing. You can practice listening. You can let others be right and enjoy the glory.

The point is, you can do it if you set your mind to it.

Whatever the storm in your life, So long as you hold onto an ember of hope, the flame cannot be completely extinguished, no matter how hard the storm tries.

The secret to withstanding life’s storms is to find your “eye.”

It is there we rediscover our footing. While all the world seems to be whipping around your head and you feel like the storm will never end, don’t run from the pain; walk through it, to the center, to the “eye.”

Stand firm, or fall to your knees, but stay present.

Let every pain, regret, despair, “what if,” and “why” whirl around you.

By starting out with harmless scenarios like family gatherings, cocktail parties, and birthday parties for children, you can build a track record and enjoy some success.

You’ll notice that by being in the ‘Eye of the storm,’ you will be more present-moment oriented. You’ll enjoy yourself more than ever before. Once you have mastered harmless circumstances like these, you can practice on more difficult areas of life – dealing with conflict, hardship, or grief.

If you start slowly, have some success, and keep practicing, pretty soon you’ll know how to live in the ‘Eye of the storm.’

I will not tell you that it’s all going to be okay, but you will survive, and become stronger.

Whatever the turbulence, practice being in the ‘Eye of the Storm’ and stay blessed forever.