Once upon a time, there was an unfortunate poor man.

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Once upon a time, there was an unfortunate poor man.

His lived in a small and empty house, full of mice  and spider webs.

People tried to avoid coming into his house – why should they stick their noses into those poor ruins? And the poor man thought that poverty is the reason of his misfortunes – his eternal destiny.

Then the poor man met a wizard and complained to him about his poverty and miserable life. The wizard felt sorry for the poor man and gave him an antique & precious vase.

And said, “This is a magical vase that will save you from poverty.”

The poor man took the vase and wanted to sell it at first and spend the money on alcohol, as usual, besides, what would he do with such a beautiful thing?

But when he looked at the vase  he started admiring it and found it beautiful.

He brought the vase home, put it on the table and thought ,

“It’s not right for such a beautiful thing to be empty.

So he picked some wild flowers and put them into the vase.

It became even more beautiful.

– Not good, – the poor man thought again, – that such a beautiful thing should stand amidst a spider web.

So the poor man started cleaning his house from spider webs, sweeping out cockroaches and mice, cleaning the dust, washing the floor and the walls, whitening the ceiling.

 It was then he realised that his house wasn’t poor and shabby but rather warm and cosy.

This daily cleaning etc soon became a habit, he started keeping his house meticulously clean and got into the habit of working hard and soon the poor man wasn’t a poor man anymore, but a hard working man, who had no time for any thoughts about misfortune.

As a result fortune smiled on him.

We also fall in the same trap, don’t wait for a miracle or magic to happen.

This too shall pass,

Clear the cobwebs from your home and your life, start the hard work and fortune will smile and you shall Stay blessed forever.