On this Women’s day,

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On this Women’s day,

If we must celebrate a day for women, let us celebrate freedom from stereotypes, from expectations, from idolisation, from sacrifice.

Stop congratulating women for being the secret behind a successful man,

Start saluting them for being successful. 

Stop saying the mother is sacred for all the sacrifices she makes, 

Try to reduce those sacrifices!

Stop telling women they are beautiful,

Try telling them it’s not important to be beautiful!

Stop praising her roles as mother, wife, daughter, sister, Celebrate her as an individual, a person, independent of relationships.

Stop trying to protect her,

Make her independent and capable of protecting herself 

Stop justifying her necessity to multi task, 

Give her a chance not to!

Stop these constructs which are aimed at making her strive for an impossible balance,

 Let her be inadequate –

And happy!

Stop making her look at herself through a conveniently male viewpoint.

Let her be imperfect, whimsical, irresponsible, boorish, lazy, fierce, no opinionated, loud, flabby, ungroomed, adventurous, unpredictable, unprepared, impractical – just be a woman.

Let’s not celebrate Women’s day today but everyday and stay blessed forever.