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12th Oct, 2021

This is an anecdote from the sukhsaagar, where Narad is asked a question by a perplexed devotee as to why, Narayan preferred a householder for moksha over him.

Narad asks the devotee to circumambulate (go around) the parikrama seven times without spilling a drop from a vessel filled to the brim.

The devotee kind of scrapes through the test.

Narad asks him if he remembered to take the name of the lord during the parikrama.

The devotee is stumped.

He cites the difficulty of the task which prevented him from doing so.

Narad explained then that the life of a householder is as busy and as stressful as holding a vessel filled with water to the brim and if he manages to take the name of the lord among all his worldly duties, he’s doing something exceptional and hence deserves Moksha.

Do your karma, but don’t forget God & stay blessed forever.