‘Matsya Vedh Competition’

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20th August, 2022

In continuation of the Janamshtmi theme,  sharing a wonderful parable I came across recently.

A night before the day of Matsya Vedh competition, Krishna and Arjuna were  conversing.

Krishna said, “Arjuna, take care, put your step forward and concentrate on the eye of the fish.”

Arjuna laughingly says, ” Dear Krishna, If I have to do everything, then what will you do?”

Krishna in a very soft tone told him, “What you can’t do, I will do.”

Arjuna asks, “And what is it that I can’t do?”

Krishna answers, “I will keep the water steady.”

Make him your silent partner,

Have faith in him and he will steady all the storms in your life and help you achieve your goals.

Leave it to him to  steady the water & stay blessed forever.