‘Look for the Good’

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29th April, 2022

In the Mahabharata the preceptor, Dronacharya, while explaining an important life lesson to his pupils, asked the eldest of the Pandavas, Yudhishtra and the Kauravas, Duryodhana, to go round the kingdom and find out how many good persons and bad persons were there.

Yudhishtra came back and reported that he could not find a single bad person. He could  find some negatives only in himself.

Duryodhana came back and told the Guru that he could not find a single good person. If there was any good man, it was only him, he said.

All the students in the ashram were perplexed with the outcome. They asked, Guru Dronacharya, how come Duryodhana could not find a good person and Yudhisthira could not find a bad person.

Guru Dronacharya then calmly told his students that what we are internally we see that in the world. Duryodhana was filled with pride, jealousy and desire and therefore he was unable to find a good person. Yudhisthira was filled with piety, humility, peace and goodness and therefore he was unable to find a bad person in the same country.

What matters is our outlook if we have a positive outlook we will be able to see light even in the darkest corner of the cave.

Everything thus depends on our outlook and not on the nature of the things we observe.

If you looks at the world with a good mind everything will appear good.

There is nothing wrong with Srishti (CREATION),

Just change your Drishti (VISION)!

If you look for the good, you will only find the good and if you look for the evil in everyone, you will only find the bad.

Look for only the good in Everyone & Stay blessed forever.