Live Life Today!

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26th June, 2022

A wise man was sitting on the bank of the river, a passerby asked

“what are you doing Sir?”

He replied:  I am waiting for the whole river to flow, then I will cross it.

That passerby said,

 ′′ Learned one, you will never be able to cross the river while waiting for the whole water to flow.That can’t happen !”

The wise man said, this is exactly what I want to explain to you : people who always say that once the responsibilities of life are fulfilled then I will have fun.

Have fun, roam around, meet everyone, serve.

Just like the water of the river will never end, the responsibilities of life never end.

We have to find a way to cross the flowing water,

So start living life !

Don’t look for a logical reason for doing everything in your life.

Do it because you need it, because it’s fun, because your soul demands it, because it makes you happy.

Turn off today, chill out this Sunday, live Life to the fullest & stay blessed forever.