‘Light the Lamp’

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17th October, 2022

I read a beautiful couplet from Sant Kabir this morning, which reads –

जब मैं था तब हरी नहीं, अब हरी है मैं नाही,

सब अँधियारा मिट गया, दीपक देखा माही |

Translated, it means that when I was immersed in my ego and arrogance, I could not see God (the supreme power). But when I illuminated the lamp of knowledge within myself, all darkness of ignorance vanished, ego went away, and I found God in the light of knowledge.

At the start of this Diwali week, if there is anything we can wish for today, this is it.

Let’s illuminate within ourself – and around us – the lamp of knowledge so that the darkness of ignorance vanishes, ego and arrogance goes away, and we find God and his wisdom in that light of knowledge.

Let’s  find peace amidst the noise all around by lighting our own “inner light” and using it as our guide to become more sensible, smarter, and independent in our decision making – in life and investing.

This Diwali, let’s light the lamp of love, abundance, compassion, and knowledge in our heart, to serve ourself, to serve others, and to dispel any darkness around us.

There is no better long-term compounding than when we invest in ourself and those around us.

I am sure you are already on that journey. But if you are just starting out, you know where to begin. And today is a great day to start.

Keep learning, be tentative in your decision making, change your mind if the facts change, diversify, and please don’t go around boasting about your successes.

Only then can you dispel the darkness of your ignorance, which is what this festival of lights truly signifies.

Let the light shine upon you.

On this Diwali, our only wish for you as you march on your way towards wealth and prosperity is that this wisdom – of knowing that you don’t know – dawns on you sooner than later. That is what will propel you to start reading, start learning, and start knowing.

Knowing that you don’t know, accepting it and not being ashamed about it is the start of a continuing journey of wisdom.

Recognizing the darkness is the prerequisite for bringing on the light.

Only when the darkness is brought out of hiding does the light have the opportunity to illuminate it.

In the face of the unknown, a little humility is your best protection.

Light the lamp within this Diwali and stay blessed forever.