Let’s Choose to be Kind

Let's Choose to be Kind

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31st Oct, 2021

I choose to believe that kindness can bring the magic of hope to others.

It is a simple way of telling another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world.

Kindness is more than deeds,

It is an attitude,

an expression,

a look,

a touch,

a smile.

It could be anything that lifts the morale of another person.

Don’t bother about how much difference your small gesture will make.

It will definitely make a difference to someone, somewhere.

This festive Sunday & the ensuing week, before we do anything else,

in the midst of all the celebrations & festivities, let’s set an example, 

let’s do our bit of kindness & leave the rest to God.

Let’s start a kindness virus,

Let’s pretend we are a Billionnaire,

let’s spread kindness & good cheer like money,

Let’s be the reason at least one person smiles today.

Have a great festive Sunday and a blissful festive week ahead & Stay blessed forever.