Let It Go

Let It Go

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Do you know how they catch monkeys? In some parts of India they dig a hole in the ground, the neck of the hole is narrow but inside it is very  wide. They place tempting food inside the hole & wait.. the monkey smells food and approaches the hole.

He manages to slide the hand in through the narrow neck of the hole ( like when you pass the hand through a round bracelet)

The moment he touches the food he grabs it & closes his fist & tries to get his hand out.

With the fist closed he can’t get his hand out.

So he has two options, leave the food & release his hand by opening his fist or hold on to the food trying to figure out how to take it to his mouth.

His greed makes him opt for the latter and waits & the monkey gets trapped.

We are the same, we get stuck with worldly things, we hold onto temptations till death traps us; release the “monkey” within yourself.

Release the temptations, don’t get trapped & stay blessed forever.