*Law of Attraction*

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Wayne Dyer says, “by the

*Law of Attraction*,

a ‘good-feeling thought’ will bring more good-feeling thoughts and, in turn, things to feel good about.

You will build momentum and train your subconscious mind to look for the thoughts that make you feel good.

 When you are aligned, you feel good.”

Here are some ways he suggests of reminding ourselves to reach for good-feeling thoughts:

Have a sign that says “Good Things Are Going to Happen.” and see it every morning and every night.

To help others focus on feeling good, say “Hello, friend. Tell me something good” instead of the routine “How are you?”

Looking ahead, why not say: “With my luck, things are going to work out great.”

Anticipate a positive outcome!

Every moment is a perfect opportunity to practice reaching for those good-feeling thoughts.

Don’t let hassles knock you off your high-flying disc.

Celebrate by keeping your thoughts happy, hopeful, loving, and forgiving.

Feeling good is just a thought away!

This too shall pass,

Manifest all the goodness and it will be there.

Positive thoughts generate positive feelings & attract positive life experiences.

Today believe good things will happen & they will.

Stay Blessed forever .