Just Wish Me Luck For The Next Six Months

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Continuing with yesterday’s post; the small, seemingly insignificant steps completed consistently over time create a radical difference in all aspects of life.

I recently got my biannual blood tests etc. done. As expected all parameters were on the borderline and after a scowl from my better half, I took an appointment with my Doctor, also a good friend.

A mere glance at the test reports and after checking my ever ballooning weight, he said,  “Just reduce your body weight by 10% over six months and most things should fall in line.”

Now, I have been trying to control my weight unsuccessfully since the time I remember and told him so and he replied, “You are a numbers man, let’s talk numbers.”

1kg = 7700 calories, to lose 8.5 kgs, you need to consume 65450 calories lesser over six months or burn the same number additionally.

Me being the lazy type, I said let’s start with the consuming less option.

He agreed and replied, “You need to reduce your intake by 365 calories a day( 65450/180 days)

To achieve that, he added, Just reduce your daily diet by:

A 6 inch Chapati = 80 calories

An Std serving of Veg/ Dal= 150 calories.

An Std serving of Rice = 130 calories

1 biscuit = 30 -50 calories.

Total ~400 calories.

= 12000 calories per month

= 72000 calories in 6 months

~10 kgs wt. loss.

and just add walking a couple of 1000 steps each day and reduce your Liquor by 3-4 drinks a week to be on the safe side and just see the result.”

And he warned, “The converse is also true, if you increase your diet even by small portions every day, you will be gaining 10 kgs at the end of 6 months.”

The power of compounding in actual play. The power of small simple steps is repeated daily.

Small, Smart Choices + Consistency + Discipline+Time = RADICAL DIFFERENCE

A habit to get formed, they say, takes 21 days and I have been sincerely following his advice for the last week. Just wish me luck for the next six months and I will hopefully show you the actual results of the Power of Compounding by getting to be a slimmer and sharper self and would then be eligible for a surprise treat by my Doc.

Stay Blessed forever.