Its the Valentine weekend

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Its the Valentine weekend,

love is in the air.

You say you have no faith?

Love – and faith will come. 

You say you are sad?

Love – and joy will come.                                                        

You say you are alone?

Love – and you will break out of your solitude.                 

You say you are in hell?

Love – and you will find yourself in heaven.

Hatred paralyzes life,

love releases it, Just remember that in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give.

Love is not what you say, love is what you do.

Start with your home & loved ones,

Give them the Gift of love, that is the answer to most things.

Love more, worry less,

Enjoy the little things.

Love life & life will love you.

Love yourself & you shall feel loved.

If the world seems cold to you,

Kindle fires to warm others.

Love everyone & you shall get it back.

Love & stay blessed forever.