“It will go on its way; you go on your way.”

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08th Dec, 2021

“Do not look towards the truck. It will go on its way. You

go on your way,” said my driver to me. These seemingly simple words uttered by my driver, Nand Lal, back in 1980 had a deep

impact on me and brought about a new perspective to my life and style of thinking.

Though they were uttered in the context of bike riding,

I found them equally relevant to life.

At that time, I was a 16-year-old student, and Nand Lal was our driver. I was trying to learn to ride a bike and I had asked Nand Lal to help me and explain to me the intricacies of driving. After some time, I  was ready to go. I kick-started the bike and with Nand Lal on the pillion, I made several rounds of my own neighbourhood.

Then I decided to venture onto the road as it was noon and the traffic was not heavy. Suddenly, I saw a truck coming from the opposite direction.

I was scared and my eyes were focused on the truck.

“It will go on its way; you go on your way.” said Nand Lal.

This helped to calm my nerves and I sailed past the truck.

Since then, I have used Nand Lal’s words to guide me often in life.

Accidents usually take place and problems arise when we

deviate from our path and start bothering about what others are doing rather than our own journey. If everybody keeps to his path, focusses on the job on hand and performs his duties honestly without bothering about others, there will be no conflicts and accidents in the world.

Be aware of the distractions in your life but don’t focus on them, just concentrate on your goal. Starve your distractions, feed your focus  and stay blessed forever.

(From my book, ‘Dear Son..Life lessons from a father’)