‘Indiana Indiaaah’

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30th June 2024

This Indian cricket team is special, not just for the runs they have scored or the wickets they have taken, but for the quality of their wins.

Every time they have been challenged; a team member has raised his hand to be counted.

I rank this team very high not for their 10/10 enroute to Winning the trophy but for the sense of pride they have instilled in an entire nation, allowing us all to believe that we can take on the world—and win.

They deserve credit for the sheer joy they have provided to every cricket fan in the world at large with their masterly performance, fighting spirit and mental strength.

This fighting spirit and mental strength were best epitomized in the knock by Kohli, the catch by SKY, the Bumrah attack and the win when all seemed lost with the opponents needing only 30 to win in equal no of balls with 6 wickets in hand.

What separates champions from mere mortals is not just talent, It’s attitude, It’s mental strength, It’s the willingness to fight when the chips are down.

It’s the spirit – The spirit that puts the team’s needs ahead of one’s own interest.

There are times in our lives when the pressure mounts and we feel like throwing in the towel and calling it quits. That’s just the time when you need to put your hand up and be counted.

Thanks Team India, for sublime effort, for the final heave and for lifting the trophy and a Billion plus people along with it.

In this cricket crazy weekend, let’s celebrate our victory & stay blessed forever.