Independent Thought

Independent Thought

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“Colour the duck yellow, and her umbrella green,” instructed the kindergarten teacher to her students.

But when seven-year old Boy handed her drawing sheet, the teacher asked, “Dear, didn’t you understand my instructions?

You have coloured the duck purple and her umbrella red! Have you ever seen a purple duck?”

The Little one  didn’t miss a beat, and replied, “But ma’am, I’ve also never seen a duck carrying an umbrella.”

So, is young man a little rebel?

He might not be the model student. But he definitely is a brilliant, and an independent thinker, not chained by others doing the thinking for him.

Following some rules may be absolutely necessary for us – like while driving, crossing the street, or paying our taxes.

But remember this – always being consistent will not provide a creative solution to all your problems.

You need to train your brain to look around at all possibilities and to think independently.

You don’t need to always follow the leader. You sometimes need to ‘be’ the leader.

We would all love to see our children have independent thought.

We Also want them to  know that “if you believe that you can’t think and act independently, you will be right! You will never be able to think and act independently.”

Always know that the freedom to choose independence of thought and action, or bondage of others doing the thinking for you, lies with you.

Let’s teach our children to have an independent thought process and stay blessed forever.