If Your Life was a Movie, What would be the Title?

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16th July, 2022

Seriously, Have you ever thought on this ?

Come on, this Weekend,  just introspect on how you would like to be known.

Hence, do you need to make any life changes or changes in your attitude to justify your title.

I would personally say my life movie would be titled as

This too shall pass!

This too shall pass” is a Persian adage translated and used in several languages.

It reflects on the temporary nature, or ephemerality, of the human condition. That neither the bad, nor good, moments in life ever indefinitely last.

This too shall pass” was Lincoln’s favourite saying, one he once said, was applicable in any and every situation one could encounter. His plodding patience and stamina was an incredible virtue during the US Civil War, a terrible war that would call on Lincoln to be both forceful and forgiving, violent yet compassionate.

This too shall pass signifies Hope – the most important attribute to carry on –

HOPE -Sometimes that’s all you have.

This phrase also keeps you balanced, it tells you that good times also don’t last forever, so be prepared for the downturns which may invariably happen.

It helps you be a stoic and ready to face the world come what may.

Let this weekend be for contemplation and introspection,

Choose your title, adopt it and stay blessed forever.