‘How to Relieve Pain’

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03rd November, 2022

Some years ago I read this beautiful narrative by Elena Bernabe (Shared and translated by Takiruna) and it really touched a chord.

“Grandma, how do you cope with pain?”

“With your hands, honey. If you do it with your mind instead of relieving the pain, it toughens even harder.”

“With your hands grandma?”

“Yes, our hands are the antennae of our soul.

If you move them; knitting, cooking, painting, playing or sinking them into the ground, you send care signs to the deepest part of you and your soul lights up because you’re paying attention to it. Then signs of pain will no longer be necessary.”

“Hands are really that important?”

“Yes my daughter. Think of babies: they start to know the world through the touch of their hands. If you look at the hands of old people, they tell you more about their life then any body part. Everything that is done by hand is said to be done with the heart. Because it’s really like this: hands and heart are connected.

Masseurs know well: when they touch someone with their hands, they create a deep connection. It is precisely from this connection that healing comes.

Think of lovers: when they touch their hands, they make love in a more sublime way.”

“My hands grandma…. how long I haven’t used them like this!”

“Move them, my love. Begin to create with them and everything within you will begin to move.

The pain will not pass away. And instead what you do with them will become the most beautiful masterpiece and it won’t hurt anymore. Because you have been able to transform its essence.”

At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.”

This narrative has guided me in my work and in relationships.

 with those who are grieving a loss.

I have noticed that many people who are grieving keep their hands still. If you encourage even gentle, creative movements of the hands, their pain starts to feel more controllable and less overwhelming.

You can also use art as a creative hand movement with people Or guide people through gentle movements of the hands to music.

Or make the person play a musical instrument if he can play that. Many people find that very soothing.

The wisdom of the grandmother in Elena Barnabé’s story was great.

Creative movements with the hands really help heal the heart.

Why don’t you try it?

Grab a piece of paper and something to draw or colour with and drawer swirls of colour, shapes, anything you want.

Or move your hands to a piece of music you love to hear or make that music.

Or you could even join a drumming group.

Use hands to relieve your pain or the pain of others & stay blessed forever.